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We are working to stop 90% of asthma hospital admissions.Be the first to know.

Asthma management platform

Providing real time contextualised location based Air Quality Health data everyday, everywhere, and for everyone. 

Satellite data is transmitted to servers / repositories in cloud- The data includes Vegetation Index, Weather, Wind, Rainfall, Climate patterns, Pollution, CO2 emissions, Celestial body positions, transits and forces, and many more variables, which are more significantly predictive than others.  


Airli makes a real difference to the lives of people with Allergy and Asthma.

Pollen alerts

Alerts users when there are critical pollen level in the Air. Predicts levels based on weather, season and live satellite location data.

Asthma management

Log symptoms, track medicine usage , live doctor chat and digital Asthma community forum.

Live health data

Provides location based outdoor Air quality health data .


Million asthma sufferers in the world


Million allergy sufferers in Australia from pollen


Million Asthma sufferers in Australia


Deaths per day around the world from allergy

How does it work?

Airli makes a real difference to the lives of people with allergy and Asthma. Watch how Airli works . 

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