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How It Works

Breathe Easy by making the invisible visible

  • Airli is an Australian company established to assist consumers “Breathe Easy by making the Invisible Visible” by providing real time, contextualized and relevant location based air quality health data. The organization has embraced AI & Machine learning predictive algorithms to triangulate geospatial, weather and location based consumer information. Airli is an “API first” digital platform business embracing B2C, B2B and B2B2C business models. Phase one of the initial rollout will focus on predictive pollen count analytics for Asthma sufferers globally. The founders bring together deep and diverse domain experience anchored in geospatial research and technology to solve consumer related health problems through supporting behavioral change and digital analytics.

Air Quality Solutions for BUSINESS

  • Discerning pollution data

    As many as 300 million people suffer from asthma in the world and will reach 400 Million soon.

  • Combating the crisis

    The current product development is being led based on leveraging Research Engineering core competencies in creating this unique solution. The research and design thinking is endorsed in principle and supported by CSIRO and some renowned academic and research professionals worldwide.

  • Controlling air pollution

    “ Breathe Easy by making the Invisible Visible” providing real time contextualized location based air quality health data.

  • Problem / Need

    There is no reliable real time air quality health data available today. Allergen levels affects (1) where we go, (2) what we do and (3) how we feel – it’s about our quality of life! ( QOL examples include.

  • Personals – AVOID activities (indoor / outdoor)

  • At school – CONCENTRATION, lower grades

  • At work – ABSENTEISM, reduced productivity)

Airli Solution Overview THE UNDER LYING MAGIC

  • Satellite data is transmitted to servers / repositories in cloud- The data includes Vegetation Index, Weather, Wind, Rainfall, Climate patterns, Pollution, CO2 emissions, Celestial body positions, transits and forces, and many more variables, which are more significantly predictive than others.

  • Algorithms identify allergen-risks and make location based RISK PREDICTION.

  • The PREDICTIONS are sent automatically to registered users for their decision-making:

Our Team


    Space Engineer
    Business Management
    Product Management


    Algorithm specialist
    Bio Tech Management


    Channel Management


    Business Leader/ Strategiist
    Entrepreneurship, Innovation


    Senior Fellow US NRC
    NASA - IT specialist

Our Advisors


    NAB, ACI, Pirelli Cables, FH Faulding, Repco, James Hardie. Strategy Development & Business Planning

  • Dr Connie Katelaris

    Prof Immunology & Allergy and Head of Department and Senior Staff Specialist. President of the ASCIA. Asian Pacific ASCIA. Executive World Allergy Organisation Board.

  • Prof Alfredo Huete (Ex NASA)

    Specialist in Satellite Remote sensing of vegetation and their biophysical properties.

  • Marcus Marten-Coney

    Serial Entrepreneur. UNSW mentor/Advisor and Swinburne Uni MEI graduate

  • Helen Wray BSc, MBA, MLM(IP Law), GAICD

    Senior Executive- HealthTech Commercial and Operational experiece

  • Don Wright BE, MBA.

    Executive in Aerospace and Defense firms. Assisting tech entrepreneurs with a focus on innovative business models

  • Richard Schutte

    Over 25 years experience in leading corporate teams, innovation, digital and technology, strategy, corporate innovation ecosystems

  • John Scilly

    Over 40 years experience as a corporate. Provide business mentoring, business planning, sales strategies. Author of "How to sell anything by someone who has" published by Penguin Books./p>